…one of the best sources of consumer coffee education on the internet.


Last month Collectors Weekly shared some in-depth history on the Chemex and its inventor, with a single video reference to our very own Cartel brew guide. We are flattered!


Our director shot an editorial photo for Monster Children issue #38 — get a copy we love these guys!!

26 miles later at 5:30am on St. Pattys day in Santa Monica CA. Arizona takes dog tags, LA holds onto first overall

We’ll take credit for that; thank you very much.

Coming soon. Starring Miguel Soto-Cano

Location Scouting for Cartel’s new brew guide at the base of the Superstition Mountains. Photo courtesy of Jeff Olsen, cartel barista-photographer

We read in a Bill Bryson book that, if released all at once, the energy in a single human body would be as powerful as 30 atomic bombs.

Aeropress brewing guide from Tim Wendelboe on Vimeo.

If you’re still not into coffee, here’s something that might wet your appetite…especially 2 minutes in.

Greg Tidrow is an all-star. He impresses us with drawing, stand-up comedy, acting, and through his general approach to the world. By popular demand, we’ve strung all the takes of Greg sipping espresso from our Cartel short together. No sound here for emphasis on the visuals.

Drawing by Greg Tidrow