Cartel Short featured on Dear Coffee I love you -- December 2, 2011

Earlier this year in wide-eyed conversations with our friends at Cartel, we drooled over the idea of coming up with concepts for a short film that would exemplify Cartel’s unwavering passion for coffee and the ecosystem they have built around it. Being that they are the very source of our own inspiration at least once a day, you can understand how excited we were. In the creative field, it really doesn’t get better than this for us. So after a few conversations with the owners, management, and baristas, we came up with three elements that we felt compelled to convey:

Region, Character, and Process.

Dear Coffee I Love You nailed all three of them in the best review of our short that we’ve encountered so far, alongisde other coffee greats like Intelligentsia and Stumptown. And that’s without ever having physically been to a Cartel location. Thanks DCILY

Read the review here.