100% USA Handmade

There are people out there that are actually building things here instead of places where they have to install suicide nets in factories to keep our iphones coming off the line. Imagine that.

Just You Wait


Two of skateboarding’s godfathers Mark Gonzales & Natas Kaupas talk a little history and catch up in front of one of our cameras. This was a privilege, thanks to Adidas and MC magazine.

SOOH Media

Check out our most esteemed client at the moment getting the full AH DIOS package in Web, Video and Design. This is a taste of the axonometric world Aly Campbell designed for SOOH Media who has also recently launched their website enginnered by N.Mata. http://sooh.com

Handmade – District Millworks for Monster Children TV

New work by Ah Dios’ very own story teller extraordinaire Tyler Quinn for Monster Children TV.


Aly’s at it again, designing wall organizers made from sheet metal, and cut into patterns that YOU the proud new owner folds out when you get it.
This is a Work In Progress so email us if you’re interested and keep an eye out when these go on sale, most likely at Etsy.

Photos by Dayvid LeMmon

Cartel at the airport

In a really impressive move by the City of Phoenix, a number of local businesses have been championed to branch into Terminal 4 and our best buds at Cartel have just opened up a new shop last week. We’re working on 60 inches of splash screen video content to pull y’all in before you miss your flight! Here’s a small sample

You thought you were doing it right but you’re wrong

We’ve gone educational with Cartel Coffee Lab’s first ever Brew Guide video explaining how to extract a perfect cup(s) of coffee from the sexiest piece of glass in the coffee kingdom: Chemex.

State Bicycle Co.

The fellas at STATE have announced a new race line of bikes, the first one of which we got to know as the Contender, so we’ve hit the streets – at night this time – to vibe their ride in the streetlight.

show on camelback mtn

A couple months ago we were invited to hike Camelback Mountain with some friends in Black Carl and document their excursion playing their instruments death-march style all the way to the top ~ about an hour with the luggage. It’s an amazing hike for being in the middle of a city. You can see what happened at the bottom of this post. Or, read about it on Electric Mustache. The crew decided to procure a second hike but for fear of melting my gear in 100 degree heat since video equipment runs hotter than still cameras, we opted for a compact 35mm slr this trip.

Let this sequence of images be an ode to the characters we encountered this time around.

Meet Camelback Mountain, Echo Canyon Trail

Ran into Eric Larsen on the first leg.

Ran into this guy

Spilled my water in front of these guys

10:30am still going. The show’s about to start

Trucked ahead, left my group behind so I didn’t miss the whole set

Everyone’s here, except Ian.

Amy’s smiling about having to ditch Ian half way up; he was too hungover on whiskey drinks.


Happened to be a photographer w/gear on the first trip. He decided to join for round 2.

Another passerby let me take his picture. This is probably the only piece of shade on top.

Beautiful things happen. *butterfly

Friends don’t let friends necks get too hot

Black Carl -ian +pj

~~~THE END~~~

Video from Trip #1 below